Linda Lee

2017 SBBWA Scholarship Recipient

Dear Members of the South Bay Business Women’s Association,
Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for the generous scholarship you have willingly provided. Your thoughtful investment means the world to my future and me – thank you so much.

Receiving this significant, encouraging gift, I see my college and career future getting brighter! Your overflowing generosity and compassion will always be remembered and I will forever be grateful for your support and contribution.

The scholarship inspires and revitalizes me to chase after my goals no matter what circumstances I face. The scholarship reminds me to persevere and purse my dream career. At USC, I plan to major in accounting, and eventually work for the government. Through my studies, I hope to give back to the South Bay community and – like this organization – nurture future generations.

Your generosity gives me courage and strength to live up to my potential.

Again, thank you very much.
Humbled by your generosity,
Linda Lee